Sunday, April 14, 2013

The SUE system: A Primer

The next few/many posts are going to concern a game recently run, in which I and several others played a setting that purported to be Cthulhutech but was in fact a homebrew setting that purported to use Cthulhutech as a jumping-off point for a multidimensional rainbow of brilliant failure. It had a d20 Modern hack for a system, and it's setting was simply this:

The DM's literal author avatar became a god and took over thousands upon thousands of established canons, and the PCs are there to witness his glory and the means by which he solves your problems for you.

It only gets worse from there, and my friends and I are going to chronicle as much of it as possible. Nothing about this game was good; the setting was boring, the system was impossible, the DMing was atrocious and it all combined into a Voltron-esque fractal of failure. on, and if it gets too much, just remember: it only gets worse from here.

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