Properly Ordered Posts

Blogger puts everything backwards; while I'm setting up an actual solution to that here are all the pages in better-than-inverse-chronological-order.

What Is This


The Beer Mug Paladin
Well That Escalated Quickly
In Retrospect This Was Inevitable
They're Just Exalting Anybody These Days

My stuff:

Shadow Dolts
Theoretically Optimal DMing
Not SUETHULHU: Marty, the Player

The SUE System Primer
The SUE System: Combat Rules
The SUE System: Skill Rules
The SUE System: Alternate Casting
The SUE System: Classes
The SUE System: Character Generation
The SUE System: Arcane Casting
The SUE System: The Setting Underlying Everything  
The SUE System: The Rise of Marty
The SUE System: The Prologue Begins
The SUE System: The Prologue Begins Simultaneously Elsewhere
The SUE System: Orientation
The SUE System: Briefing
The SUE System: Mission
The SUE System: Reprimand 
Sort of SUE: Local Environment Variables
The SUE Files: Succession
The SUE System: Charge of the Derp Brigade
Money! Science! Musing! A bit of SUE!
The SUE System: The Summer of “Science”
The SUE System: Moonballs Tower
The SUE System: We're All Mad Here, Alice-chan
The SUE Files: Dragonslayers
The SUE Files: Read This One Dramatically 
The SUE Files: Prologue is Past

SUETHULU: The (Very) Strange Aeon
SUETHULU: Specialist Snowflake
SUETHULU: Drivers' Ed
SUETHULU: Marty Is A Bad Human
SUETHULU: And a Worse GM
SUETHULU: We Had Ideas
SUETHULU: Shutting Down Darya
SUETHULU: Blinding Cael with SCIENCE!
SUETHULU: Oh, and Yog-Sothoth's Dead.
SUETHULU: We Do Something Significant, part 1
SUETHULU: We Do Something Significant, part 2 
SUETHULU: We Do Something Significant, part 3
SUETHULU: Grumpily Ever After
SUETHULU: Ian's Epilogue
 SUETHULU: Basically The End

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